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“The Touch That Moved Me – Five Scientific Revelations Regarding the Profound Benefit of Touch”

Here’s a lovely blog on the importance of touch. What is it about it that moves us so? One of the most difficult trials I experience at school, both locally at community college and 12 hours away from home, is missing the human touch. I grew up with six siblings and affectionate parents, hence hugs hourly or as often as needed. But at school, I can go the whole day without being touched by a single person. Away from home the withdrawals multiply, as a day turns into days and you find yourself looking for friends close and dear enough to demand hugs of.

Tears fall (sometimes)

and make the nearest

and dearest soggy

Hey, your shoulder is soft…

so hug me?

I find it fascinating that this blog explores a bit of the science behind this basic need. It is difficult, in this depersonalized culture, to meet this need in those around us without familial bonds or a long-standing relationship. But as brothers and sisters in Christ, I think this might be part of the reason why Paul exhorts the believers to greet one another with a “holy kiss”–so that we might confirm our unity and communicate it tangibly to one another.