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“What Women Need to Say to Each Other… because it’s what every woman needs to hear”

Fantastic blog from Ann Voskamp. A dear girlfriend shared this with me–after we were talking about how much we need people–to build us up with love. It’s amazing how much we as women struggle with, well, just being women… and looked in the mirror and wished we were different. Each and every one of us. So-

“We will be sisters to each other and we won’t ever judge another sister and we will see each woman’s face as pure God-masterpiece because it’s the truth and we’ll tell each other what every woman needs to hear: You have the prettiest eyes.

Because it’s always first the eyes, always first the perspective and the way we see, and if the eyes have light, the whole body is full of light. We have to help our sisters see who they are in light of Christ — so radiant

So we’ll say it a dozen time a day, to every woman who we meet because it’s the truth and she needs to hear it and no matter if she has a man saying it, she has sisters speaking into her scraped and bleeding places: You are so beautiful — so soul beautiful. And we’ll watch our sisters’ eyes light, always first the eyes.” 

On a side note, I just totally psyched out because Ann commented on my old blog, like, two years ago.