Well it’s that time of year: the invasion of the lady-bugs. They flit, they float, and flop and flock into our houses, our kitchens, our bedrooms, even our hearts.  Any other insect inside the house in such quantities and we’d have pest-control in with bombs, sprays, and nets. But for the ladybug we are more patent, more tolerant, more hospitable.  Maybe it’s their circular bodies, or their bright colors. Maybe we’ve grown inoculated from their eternal presence on stickers, birthday-cards, and tea-cups. But for some reason, when I see them by the hundreds in my home, I feel as though there was some battle raging in my heart–and they won. They’re lady-killers those lady-bugs. 

On another note, here’s something I wrote on ladybugs fully two years ago:

I am a Ladybug-Saver.

Really. I take terrible pains with ladybugs.

My ficus plant, Frankie, needs some help so whenever I find a ladybug I bring it to him. I spend my days finding ladybugs and plopping them on Frankie.

Having a good dozen ladybugs in my bedroom, though, has its disadvantages…

For one there are dead ladybugs which I’ve stepped on on the floor, and a whole mass graveyard in my light fixture. This always leaves a sad, guilty feeling inside of me.

Secondly they tend to crawl over my windows and walls–which can be kind of interesting.

And thirdly, it means they’re forever on my mind and I’m forever saving them. I even turn off my lights to save them from being fried. The other day–while trying to get one to crawl on me (my more patient moments, other times I just scoop em up with paper)–I actually thought it gave me a kiss. But I realize now it was more likely pinching me.

Nasty little lady.

– – –

As for ladybugs in general, this article long ago answered my questions about their strange invasions and mass deaths and I think you’ll find it interesting: http://www.dixieweb.com/ladybugs.htm (I know it’s talking about the south, but it’s the Asian ladybug we have here in the Northeast as well.)