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I wish I could tell you
the thoughts on my heart
that the beauty in your soul
and the pain in your eyes
flickers now and then
in a way that catches my breath
that sometimes it’s all I can do
not to reach out
turn you around
you’re glorious, you know it?
strength upon days
I know it takes a lot
to reach tomorrow
don’t let your eyes grow dim
like the glass panes
neglected after the rain
or bathroom windows
clouded by the breath
of morning showers
there is a world of Love
that’s holding you up
even now, feel the fingers
not at your throat
but slipping through yours
gripping your hands
arms around your waist
when no one’s looking
but you, in the mirror
don’t you know there
really are two
all the time together
never will I leave you
never will I leave you