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That was supposed to sound exultant, not ominous. I can’t wait till the month is over.

Trust me, I haven’t anything in particular against November–I’m just really excited it’s almost December.

Because when December strikes–I won’t have to nanowrimo anymore. My novel will be over–fini! compléter!

The finish line is in sight. THE END IS NEAR!!! Just 4,000 words remain to be written. I can do this thing. 

A lot of people will be happy when I’m finished. My boyfriend will be glad I’m getting more sleep and rest. I’LL be happy I’m sleeping more too–and glad to not have to slime five pages a day with my tortured, sleepy sentences. My brothers will be happy, as well. Having both read the book they’ve started watching Pride & Prejudice (the 5+ hour version. the GOOD version) and are waiting for me–and when I’m free in the evening–to watch them together.

December brings the end of school, also. I might die before then–I have two weeks of straight exams, several lab reports, and a paper. But I’ll be super glad to kiss my classes good-bye.

December brings the end of the year. Two-thousand and thirteen here-we-come.

Oh, and speaking of the end–the Mayan’s calender ends, too–which just might mean the end of the world.

Or, if we interpret the calender my favorite way, The Hobbit IS FINALLY COMING TO THEATERS!!!

Bag End Here We Come.