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As always, The Weepies have words for everything. Here are my current favs-on-repeat.

I love the vision in the first song of this “sunny-day” person who lights the darkest night… maybe no shorter (for the talking till late hours), but oooh so much warmer for the sun–and spending it together. The next one almost seems like the lovers swap roles–“she” is a hummingbird, buzzing about–and he the steady, resting place… the only place she’ll land. Enjoy.

I Was Made For Sunny Days

I was made for sunny days
I made do with grey, but I didn’t stay
I was made for sunny days
And I was made for you

Found a book you gave me 
When we were first in bloom
When I thought that you might save me
from the dark side of the moon
Instead we both went walking
through the shadows and the gloom
And we never did stop talking
And you still light up the room

Oh, the nights are longer
Oh, you make me stronger
And the late light lingers on the grass
And the nights are dark but then they pass
They don’t seem so deep
I’m still losing sleep but I don’t mind,
no I don’t mind



Always been like a hummingbird
And I can’t keep still
Listen up, lover listen up, I never will

Hold out your hand
Yours is the only one that I dare land upon