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This song has woven its way through my childhood–the vision of the stir-crazy young man–itching to just live. I can relate. I’m a writer–we crave experience.

The thing is–the time I have spent in the world has only taught me that wild abandon–revelry, indulging the flesh… it leaves one emptier than before…

/everywhere I looked I found starvation…/

What is even more shocking is when those raised in the grace of the church–those who have “tasted and seen that the Lord is good” (tasted, ah! but did not partake? Gone out because they were not of us…) themselves throw off the easy yoke and embrace chains… chains

/He told me tales of the city / and all the women he had / I asked him wasn’t that sinful? / he said “No, it isn’t that bad…”/

I wonder if is harder for them to return… harder for them to stop running once they start. I know in my own case–God had to show me the desert before I turned to him in desperation. Maybe that’s how it is with all of us… Secure in our education–our comfortable lives, our intellectual and moral superiority… something has to come breaking through to shake us out of our spiritual self-satisfaction.

/I  had to eat with the swine / the bread I ate was like straw / It didn’t take too much time till… I was dreaming of Home/

This evening was a long one. I saw more spiritual sickness than I had expected to see on a casual Wednesday night. I am grieved… but I know God is faithful… and all who are His will come… When they come to the end of themselves–they will turn around, running. Every last one of them will come Home.

/This is my son who I thought had DIED… prepare a feast… for my son’s ALIVE. / I prayed and prayed never heard a sound! / My son was lost, oh thank you God he’s found./ My son was DEAD. My son was LOST. My son’s RETURNED in the hands of GOD…