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Photo Credit: Lee Miyong. Poem inspired by Kate Walsh’s “Your Song” (see previous post).

I listened to country music again today.

I think I’m finally getting over you.

Learning to smile again. Sometimes it comes creeping like a green thing.

New Life.

I’d forgotten how to smile like that—with joy welling up and sparkling, waters in my eyes.

I’d like to think well of you. I’d like to remember you a fountain of strength.

But when I needed you, you left. When I turned my back you let me walk away.

I’ve been running, boy. Running so long and hard away from you.

Silence that makes your heart scream. Strike up a war dance! Pound out the beating.

So much noise, I’d forgotten how to listen.

I hear it. My heart. Living, breathing, loving.

It wants to love. To be loved. To lie laughing in fields of lilies.

Come to fresh springs–where Hope springs eternal from the Fountain of Life.

Drink deeply with me, my Love, and don’t forget to breath. 


*Disclaimer: People often read my posts and assume a subtext about this or that X-boyfriend.  Please stop it. This post is about several relationships and no particular one at the same time. I claim my right as an artist to create something non-autobiographical while still inspired by past experience.*