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It’s spring-time again.

A tender kind of fall. 

We leap into Love. Sometimes it catches us, sometimes we break.

I remember you when we were us. 

Everyone struts like peacocks–hummingbirds and butterflies, nobody’s sitting still.

We’re all dancing a mating-dance.

I sat down–and you did too. Next to me, just you and me together, side-by-side, our mouths moving.

We fell apart… changing partners to the music of the spheres.

The sun glances down and lazily blinks, it sees the same thing every year.

A boy on a bench in the sun. A girl on a bench in the sun.

But this time our lips do not move. And you’re not next to me.

Exchanging silence… for silence. 

And the birds keep urging, their insistent song: move on!

Dance again. Dance again.