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ImageHere’s a random collection of enlightenments that stuck me in the three nights and two-and-a-half days I spent in bed languishing from a fever. Enjoy.

1) You don’t realize how Cocker Spaniel healthy you usually are till you’re marsh-wiggle-miserable and, well, sick as a dog. We aught to be thanking and praising the Lord for our health all the time (which I’ve sadly neglected).

2) Things get really fuzzy when you’re sick—and when the fog lifts you’re like, Oooh, look, light! dust! and the bed-sheets are made of these tiny things called threads…

3) It’s true about ice-cream (or smoothies in my case) working wonders for the throat. Tea with honey is amazing too (and I practically lived on some amazing chicken soup from bone-broth my mum made) but as an exciting alternative fruit smoothies are the way to go! Throw some blueberries in the blender with some milk and yogurt and you get a throat-numbing, sweet-heaven dose of anti-oxidants and good bacteria.

4) You look better when you’re sick. At least to yourself. I don’t mean when you have a cold—not the bleary-eyed, red-nosed type of sick but the feverish sick. You’re brain-damaged. And you’re sweating so your skin takes on this glow and you look in the mirror and you see this mirage and you’re like, “Wow, I don’t look so bad for being sick.” (As soon as the fever left, though, I looked in the mirror and was like, nooo, nope, you look really bad.)

5) When you have a fever, taking your own temperature every 25 minutes is highly amusing. The drama of watching your own temperature rise just might be the only amusement your brain can take because…

6) Sadly, when you’re very sick movies scarcely work to take your mind (what’s left of it) off of your misery. I tried my usual thrillers to no avail. Except in the happier moments of medication they were all just too much for my battle-fraught brain to buffer. Like I said to my Dad when he asked what I wanted to watch: “Something happy. Not too complicated. No violence.” (In other words: Keep it simple, keep it safe.)

7) We love your spontaneous tea-refills and pillow-puffings. But hazard questions at your own peril. Because it will take 30 seconds to make up one’s mind to answer, another 30 to decide what to answer, and then another 30 to get it out from a fever-bashed vocabulary and a very, very, very sore throat.

8) Sick people listen up: just because you have nothing else to think about except when you’ll see your mummy next doesn’t mean she’s on temporary-leave and abandoning the home-front. Chances are she’s visited you in your sleep aaand if you checked the clock you’d discover that despite the fact that it feeels like it’s been hoursss since you’ve seen anybody’s face, anything exciting has happened, or even your temperature has gone up by even 0.1 degrees—it’s really only been minutes.

9) There are some great male nurses out there, and hats off to my dad and brothers for checking up on me and offering to do anything to make me feel better—but there’s nothing like a woman in a sick-room. Shout-out to my amazing Mom and nurse-of-a-little-sister.

10) One of the things my Mom prayed was that my time in bed would be “profitable.” That really struck me because usually the first thing we think of when we’re sick or insomniatic is that we (or that time) are somehow useless. But in a sermon I listened to I was reminded how whenever we feel “thirsty” or “hungry”—that’s God calling out to us to run to Him—and to drink of the Living Water that will satisfy. So while feverishness didn’t go very well with trying to pray, I was definitely reminded of how in all those quiet, in-between moments—the dead time in-between two appointments, that unexpected 2AM wakefulness—that’s a good time to pray. Meet with God: thank Him, praise Him, intercede for a friend, or just drink deeply and delight in the One who loves you most.