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Cherry BlossomsHow did it all happen? I feel like Dante—just out of Purgatory, fresh on the shores of Eden—old and yet new, weary and yet fresh as a new day.

My college career is over. I just wrote my last exam: a sixteen page blue-book essay mapping the arch of loves dis/ordered through Homer, Virgil, Sophocles, divine love in Augustine, and redeeming love in Dante.

I cried. It was a good exam to go out on. For in it I wrote of loves excessive, loves distorted, and love made new and beautiful by the love of Christ. Story of our lives. 

Let’s face it, it could have been a calc exam. But instead I got to tell of how “our hearts are restless until they rests in you” (Augustine, 3), and how “endless grace / has arms of generous goodness thrown so wide / they take in all who turn to them” (Dante, 3.121-3).

In a few days I’ll walk an aisle and toss a cap. In a few months I’ll walk another aisle and marry my wonderful fiancé. And it’s all love. 

It was love that made and grew me, love which brought me here. Love which every day remakes me and casts away my fear.

If I could single out one great lesson that God’s been teaching me over and over through these last four years—it’s the supremacy of love in our lives. Love which finds its right place in Christ’s love for us. Love which suffers, love which gives, love which hopes, and endures, and transforms, and makes new.

And so I am thankful. That through this end I am learning endless beginning. Thank you, thank you, thank you.